Volvo Universe Concept Car

The release of the new Volvo Universe concept car was made during the Shanghai international car show in April. The name of the concept car is chosen to emphasize that this is the style the upcoming premium models of the brand are going to have.

From the viewers

Volvo can’t be classified as one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, which has both its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is that the manufacturer may adapt to new tendencies much faster than the bigger brands, having the opportunity to get a step further than them. This concept car is the best proof for the previous statement.

The concept of this four door sedan gives us the first impression on how the new Volvo sedan is going to look like. One of the features of this four door sedan is the technological supremacy combined with the traditions of the Swedish car manufacturer. Volvo Universe concept car inherited the ideas built in the new Volvo S60 and its front part resembles the classic Volvo PV 544 with LED sections.

The main feature of the Scandinavian manufacturer’s design is that it takes care of the expectations of a man from this class of cars, building them into their models. In other words this car is made for people, who are looking for comfort, luxury and confidence, which can serve them for a whole eternity.

The wide wheelbase gives a lot of room for the car passengers at the same time enabling easier handling for the driver himself. The long front part is not just made to emphasize the luxury of the car, but also to make it safer, as the Swedes value the life of yours and of your family.

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