This Is Why We Choose SUV Cars

There are so many evident disadvantages about SUV cars like the size, gas consumption and parking capabilities that prevents breaking laws like NJMCDirect in urban areas. At the same time, SUVs are considered luxurious due to their interior and the comfort of the ride. It is also understandable that the ‘size’ also matters for many. That is why people buy Mercedes GL or Infiniti QX.

Comparison of two brutal SUV cars

When comparing these two brutal SUV cars it is hard to go into details, but here lies a huge field for exploration and comparison. Here we have to deal with two powerful 5 liter engines. The 8V Infinity QX is making a scary impression from the outside and naturally from the inside. The sound is very impressive and very loud, but the comfort is still in place at a huge extent. By the comparably lower fuel consumption, comfortable ride and lightness of the wheel it is aimed to come in the favor of the U.S. customers.

When you push the accelerator of the Mercedes Benz SUV the world around you goes crazy. The noble roar gives you the feeling of plane taking off the ground. The stability is the key difference between the two SUV cars, and Mercedes is certainly the one with more advantage. The off-road capabilities of the Mercedes Benz SUV are also much better, as it goes through the dirt as on a highway. The other characteristics are more or less equal. For many it will be just a matter of design, although the GL is much more solid in my personal view. So, if I had to choose, I would pay a little bit more, but have the Mercedes GL without thinking twice.

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