Predatory XK R Luxury Cars By Jaguar

The carnivorous family of British predators gets to welcome more new and stylish members. Those are the super aggressive Jaguar sports luxury cars, which in the opinion of many are the flagships of the British auto industry empire. The sound of the new 510 hps strong Jaguar XK R, accompanied with the compressor and the release system gives you creeps. Right at the second you push the accelerator the XK R flies on the road giving you and your passengers the feeling of speed and comfort.


The 100 mph mark on the speedometer is at the same level as the 140 mph of regular cars, but still when you accelerate with the Jaguar XK R you will still feel like you are going steady and calm. To make these luxury cars go crazy, you always have the choice to switch them to the sports regime, which instantly changes the algorithm and the functioning of the board electronics.

The restless slips, the crazy acceleration and the quick command responses are the perfect cocktail for the real gourmets of luxury cars. The safe and firm suspension will not let you feel the shaking of the car, giving you the feeling of comfort at any speed level. All that is probably provided to the owner of the Jaguar XK R for their modest contribution starting from $160,000. That price doesn’t only include the brilliant performance of these luxury cars, but also style and charisma, which is special for every Jaguar model.

This is an exclusive coupe and the strongest among Jaguars, at the same time, some would call it a little modest from the outside compared to the other cars of the Gran Turismo class. The car interior is luxurious and comfortable, although the story about four places in the coupe is more of a myth, as there is no much room on the backseats. That means the car interior will not enable you to impress more than one girl at a time; therefore, choose wisely.

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