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This new car review will highlight two well-known car brands and their latest entries in the EV category. While the electronic vehicle has a long way to go before it usurps the hearts and minds of the consumer, Mitsubishi and Ford are working diligently towards that end.

Overall review

EV’s are somewhat nascent compared to standard vehicles that run on gas and can drive ways before refilling. This car review maintains that those willing to sacrifice on a few particulars will not go far wrong. The fact that the planet has had just about all it can take of the petroleum-based lifestyle should be an incentive to give serious consideration towards making your next car an EV. There are benefits as well as disadvantages; many parts that you will regularly have to replace in a car that runs on gas are simply not needed in an EV.

The Mitsubishi 2012 Model i EV (MiEV) has a possible operating distance of up to 85 miles. There is a generous tax credit on the MiEV through 2011. They are one of the better-known car brands for a reason. With 112 MPGe, the MiEV earned a best in class rating from the EPA. It is an interesting development of this technological age that companies like Mitsubishi are touting their proprietary central operating system. When I was employed selling computers back in the day was when I first heard of this term. While it certainly is impressive automotive news, does this mean that someone could give it a virus?

The Ford 2012 Focus Electric is the first all-electric car ever offered by Ford. It looks like it will be a really splendid machine. There is a catch however. It’s not yet available for purchase. Once upon a time, Ford set the standard for the automobile industry. Now it’s vice versa. The manufacturer of the above reviewed auto is more than happy to take your money and place an order now. The best that Ford will do is to promise some emails. No one can accuse them of putting the cart before the horse. I do love light shows and this car looks like it will have those and many other tremendous qualities. You just can’t drive it yet and that makes a car review for the Focus 2012 an entertaining piece of fiction.

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