New Car Reviews For The Green Freak

This new car review will highlight two well-known car brands and their latest entries in the EV category. While the electronic vehicle has a long way to go before it usurps the hearts and minds of the consumer, Mitsubishi and Ford are working diligently towards that end.

Overall review

EV’s are somewhat nascent compared to standard vehicles that run on gas and can drive ways before refilling. This car review maintains that those willing to sacrifice on a few particulars will not go far wrong. The fact that the planet has had just about all it can take of the petroleum-based lifestyle should be an incentive to give serious consideration towards making your next car an EV. There are benefits as well as disadvantages; many parts that you will regularly have to replace in a car that runs on gas are simply not needed in an EV.

The Mitsubishi 2012 Model i EV (MiEV) has a possible operating distance of up to 85 miles. There is a generous tax credit on the MiEV through 2011. They are one of the better-known car brands for a reason. With 112 MPGe, the MiEV earned a best in class rating from the EPA. It is an interesting development of this technological age that companies like Mitsubishi are touting their proprietary central operating system. When I was employed selling computers back in the day was when I first heard of this term. While it certainly is impressive automotive news, does this mean that someone could give it a virus?

The Ford 2012 Focus Electric is the first all-electric car ever offered by Ford. It looks like it will be a really splendid machine. There is a catch however. It’s not yet available for purchase. Once upon a time, Ford set the standard for the automobile industry. Now it’s vice versa. The manufacturer of the above reviewed auto is more than happy to take your money and place an order now. The best that Ford will do is to promise some emails. No one can accuse them of putting the cart before the horse. I do love light shows and this car looks like it will have those and many other tremendous qualities. You just can’t drive it yet and that makes a car review for the Focus 2012 an entertaining piece of fiction.…

This Is Why We Choose SUV Cars

There are so many evident disadvantages about SUV cars like the size, gas consumption and parking capabilities that prevents breaking laws like NJMCDirect in urban areas. At the same time, SUVs are considered luxurious due to their interior and the comfort of the ride. It is also understandable that the ‘size’ also matters for many. That is why people buy Mercedes GL or Infiniti QX.

Comparison of two brutal SUV cars

When comparing these two brutal SUV cars it is hard to go into details, but here lies a huge field for exploration and comparison. Here we have to deal with two powerful 5 liter engines. The 8V Infinity QX is making a scary impression from the outside and naturally from the inside. The sound is very impressive and very loud, but the comfort is still in place at a huge extent. By the comparably lower fuel consumption, comfortable ride and lightness of the wheel it is aimed to come in the favor of the U.S. customers.

When you push the accelerator of the Mercedes Benz SUV the world around you goes crazy. The noble roar gives you the feeling of plane taking off the ground. The stability is the key difference between the two SUV cars, and Mercedes is certainly the one with more advantage. The off-road capabilities of the Mercedes Benz SUV are also much better, as it goes through the dirt as on a highway. The other characteristics are more or less equal. For many it will be just a matter of design, although the GL is much more solid in my personal view. So, if I had to choose, I would pay a little bit more, but have the Mercedes GL without thinking twice.…

The Best Sports Car By Carlsson

For the last 20 years men recognize the Carlsson brand as a manufacturer of one of the best sports cars on the planet. The latest Carlsson supercar was unveiled in Geneva. The base of Carlsson C25 Royale SuperGT is the coupe Mercedes-Benz SL 600 luxury cars, which got more than 70 changes for this model. That was more than enough to transform the regular serial car into a racing bolide, applicable for everyday use. With the technical characteristics of a competitive racing car, the creation of Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH may be serviced in any Mercedes dealership canter.

From our insiders

The engine of the C25 Royale SuperGT is upgraded up to 753 hps, while the Mercedes V12 Biturbo accelerates these luxury cars up to 201 mph. The torque of 1150 allows the car to reach the 60 mph mark in just 3,7 seconds. Such torque was reached my limiting the real potential of 1320 for the reason to preserve the 5 step Speedshift transmission. To somehow control the power of this supercar the manufacturers installed a blocking differential, ceramic brakes and aluminium supports for better handling on the road. The highly efficient brakes are always in time to let you flow easily into the hardest turns.

The intelligent C-Tronic system installed on this luxury car, allows it to learn the terrain and the manner of your driving, so it adjusts your ride for better handling and exquisite comfort. The sad part of this story is that being one of the best sports cars manufacturers in the world, Carlsson is planning to manufacture only 25 C25 Royale SuperGTs, one for each country, where the brand has an official representative. The base will cost around $610,000, although for some of its luxurious accessories the buyer will have to cash-in a little bit more. Overall, this is a brilliant car, a real beauty.…

Volvo Universe Concept Car

The release of the new Volvo Universe concept car was made during the Shanghai international car show in April. The name of the concept car is chosen to emphasize that this is the style the upcoming premium models of the brand are going to have.

From the viewers

Volvo can’t be classified as one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, which has both its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is that the manufacturer may adapt to new tendencies much faster than the bigger brands, having the opportunity to get a step further than them. This concept car is the best proof for the previous statement.

The concept of this four door sedan gives us the first impression on how the new Volvo sedan is going to look like. One of the features of this four door sedan is the technological supremacy combined with the traditions of the Swedish car manufacturer. Volvo Universe concept car inherited the ideas built in the new Volvo S60 and its front part resembles the classic Volvo PV 544 with LED sections.

The main feature of the Scandinavian manufacturer’s design is that it takes care of the expectations of a man from this class of cars, building them into their models. In other words this car is made for people, who are looking for comfort, luxury and confidence, which can serve them for a whole eternity.

The wide wheelbase gives a lot of room for the car passengers at the same time enabling easier handling for the driver himself. The long front part is not just made to emphasize the luxury of the car, but also to make it safer, as the Swedes value the life of yours and of your family.…

Predatory XK R Luxury Cars By Jaguar

The carnivorous family of British predators gets to welcome more new and stylish members. Those are the super aggressive Jaguar sports luxury cars, which in the opinion of many are the flagships of the British auto industry empire. The sound of the new 510 hps strong Jaguar XK R, accompanied with the compressor and the release system gives you creeps. Right at the second you push the accelerator the XK R flies on the road giving you and your passengers the feeling of speed and comfort.


The 100 mph mark on the speedometer is at the same level as the 140 mph of regular cars, but still when you accelerate with the Jaguar XK R you will still feel like you are going steady and calm. To make these luxury cars go crazy, you always have the choice to switch them to the sports regime, which instantly changes the algorithm and the functioning of the board electronics.

The restless slips, the crazy acceleration and the quick command responses are the perfect cocktail for the real gourmets of luxury cars. The safe and firm suspension will not let you feel the shaking of the car, giving you the feeling of comfort at any speed level. All that is probably provided to the owner of the Jaguar XK R for their modest contribution starting from $160,000. That price doesn’t only include the brilliant performance of these luxury cars, but also style and charisma, which is special for every Jaguar model.

This is an exclusive coupe and the strongest among Jaguars, at the same time, some would call it a little modest from the outside compared to the other cars of the Gran Turismo class. The car interior is luxurious and comfortable, although the story about four places in the coupe is more of a myth, as there is no much room on the backseats. That means the car interior will not enable you to impress more than one girl at a time; therefore, choose wisely.…